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A strong nation requires a strong economic base, whether it be via manufacturing, construction, the service industry, transport, healthcare....the list goes on. But in today’s tough economic climate, are these sectors likely to be working effectively? Too often, the answer is ‘probably not’. In the UK and beyond, many organisations are floundering, their people running in all directions in misguided efforts to grow and improve. Along the way, a great deal of pain and stress is created. Staff everywhere are trying to cope with conflicting measurements, trying to find some form of balance in their lives, trying to find ways forward that lead to growth, without having to make endless rounds of cuts and yet more cuts.

It is into this dysfunctional world that Ted Hutchin Coaching works to bring the focusing power of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), harnessing that power across a wide range of sectors and disciplines and helping to create truly effective leaders. I provide a pathway to the concrete, sustainable results needed by organisations, whilst at the same time addressing the organisational, team and personal problems that are debilitating many working environments. To find out how I can do this, click on the links below to access your area of interest or industry sector.

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