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A strong nation requires a strong economic base, whether it be via manufacturing, construction, the service industry, transport, healthcare....the list goes on. But in today’s tough economic climate, are these sectors likely to be working effectively? Too often, the answer is ‘probably not’. In the UK and beyond, many organisations are floundering, their people running in all directions in misguided efforts to grow and improve. Along the way, a great deal of pain and stress is created. Staff everywhere are trying to cope with conflicting measurements, trying to find some form of balance in their lives, trying to find ways forward that lead to growth, without having to make endless rounds of cuts and yet more cuts.

It is into this dysfunctional world that I & J Munn work to bring the focusing power of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), harnessing that power across a wide range of sectors and disciplines and helping to create truly effective leaders. We provide a pathway to the concrete, sustainable results needed by organisations, whilst at the same time addressing the organisational, team and personal problems that are debilitating many working environments. To find out how we can do this, click on the links below to access your area of interest or industry sector.

~ We are delighted to welcome Ian Shellard onboard as an Associate consultant. Ian retired in March 2013 from a distinguished 34-year career at Rolls-Royce plc and brings with him considerable expertise in international supply chain logistics and the aerospace industry.

~ Supply Chain / DDMRP News: The first official online Certified Demand Driven Planner Program is now open for registration!
This is an eight week course personally taught by Chad Smith and Carol Ptak, authors of Orlicky's Material Requirements Planning, 3rd Edition.
Find out more here.

~ News from the 2013 TOCICO conference: Read how Mazda used Critical Chain project management to cut their product development cycle in half and return their company to the black after four years in the red: Mazda Executive Credits Theory of Constraints for Company Turnaround.

Are you wondering what differentiates our leadership courses from others on the market? Perhaps you're under the impression that TOC is all about process flow, not leadership? See our responses to these and other questions in our TOC & Leadership FAQs.

~ Two new Theory of Constraints ebooks are available - The Echoes of Theory of Constraints (TOC) - Volume 1 and Volume 2 are collections of TOC-related stories, articles and white papers from over 20 leading TOC experts and academics, including I & J Munn's Ted Hutchin.

~ Our Master-Class in Effective Leadership Distance Learning Programme is now available. This follows the format of our popular 10-day Master-Class in Effective Leadership classroom-based programme, specially adapted to a distance learning format by course presenter and TOC expert Dr Ted Hutchin.

~ TESTIMONIAL: "I've been on lots of Leadership and Business training courses/seminars in my life and the best to date was the week I spent with Ted learning TOC Team Dynamics. My belief is that a good teacher inspires you to learn more and the training I got that week lit a fire and curiosity in me that still burns. I would strongly recommend TOC Lean and Leadership Training with Ted and the team at I & J Munn and I'll be back for more." - Darren Ward, via LinkedIn. Many thanks, Darren!

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