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"Replenishment+® is a supply chain solution that transforms your entire operation from a forecast driven 'push' system into a true demand driven 'pull' system."

Welcome to the Replenishment+® home page of I&J Munn Ltd. From here you can discover how your supply chain can be transformed by using Replenishment+®, explore the product in more depth, find out more through webinars and other resources, see case studies of what others have achieved using Replenishment+®, and finally, find out how you can try the product for FREE.    

The people behind the product

Replenishment+® is provided to you by Demand Driven Technologies through their official UK Channel Partner, I&J Munn Ltd.

Based in Washington State, USA, Demand Driven Technologies are a provider of innovative demand driven solutions for manufacturers in the areas of Materials, Supply Chain and Capacity Management.

I&J Munn Ltd have over 20 years' experience in teaching and implementing solutions based on the core principles which underpin the Replenishment+® product, and are able to bring that experience to clients wishing to implement Replenishment+® in the UK.

Demand Driven Technologies

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Further Information

If you would like further information, please give us a ring on 01664 502860 or contact us via email.  

Is Replenishment+® relevant for me ?

Customers today are becoming increasingly intolerant of waiting - for anything! At the same time, driven by intense cost pressure, most supply chains are getting longer - in time, in levels of the supply chain, and geographically. This combination places intolerable pressure on most manufacturers and distributors.

The traditional solution for many years has been to work to forecasts, but does this approach still work? For more details read on.

So what exactly is Replenishment+® ?

So is Replenishment+® a piece of software, or a new way of thinking, and how does it relate to all our existing programmes?

Replenishment+® does need you to use some new software, but it does NOT require you to 'throw away' existing systems. You don't need to change your ERP system, your inventory or costing systems, or any of your existing IT infrastructure.

And, whilst Replenishment+® is also a new way of thinking, it does not need you to alter or abandon your Lean or Six Sigma programmes, as it works in harmony with all improvement methodologies.

But you will need to throw away your forecasting system.... so please read on.

How can I learn more ?

There are a variety of ways to learn more about Replenishment+®, and the best thing is that you don't even have to leave your office to access them!

Take a look at the options available for you and your team to learn more, through live Webinars, web based video material, brochure downloads, and more.....

Replenishment+® Client Case Studies

Replenishment+® is a proven product, with a ten year track record, that delivers the results claimed, and perhaps the best way to understand what it could do for your business is to hear from clients who are already reaping the benefits of Replenishment+®.

Please feel free to take a look at some of the growing pool of case studies.

How can I get started with Replenishment+® ?

When you're looking at something new there's always a certain degree of "leap of faith" about the decision. But we're so confident that you will gain substantial results by using Replenishment+® that you can take the first steps towards evaluating the product for yourself with no cost obligation at all!

Through our channel partnership you will have access to running a 'Snapshot' activity which gives you a ballpark figure, specifically for your business, on the gains you can expect to achieve. From there, the Demand Driven Technologies team can provide you with a free 30 day trial so you can fully try the product before you buy.
Why not take a look at how this works?     

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